5 Ways to Style your Hair Using Headbands

style your headbands

Most girls would simply underestimate the power of a headband. Surely, it can give a stodgy look if you wear it the same way every single day, but that is simply because you do happen to wear it the same way each day.

What you need is to go about making a few tweaks to your everyday looks and you would fail to believe your own eyes when the very same headband will take your look notches higher every single day.

Whether you decide to chop your tresses with scissors for salon owners or keep it long and shiny, these looks devised from a single headband will look every bit classy and sleek. Given below are a few of the many headband hairstyles that you can wear and expect to have heads turning your way.

1. The Boho Chic look:

The usual rule of thumb is to wear your headband on your head. However, for this look, you wear it around your forehead slightly towards the hairline. It not only adds oodles of style to your look but also helps keep hair out of your face and keeps them in place. Soft curls go best with look. Having bangs can add an immense amount of character the look. However, make sure to keep the bangs out of the headband. Besides, a middle parting works best for this look.

2. The pulled back look:

The pulled back look gives a sleek finish to your overall appearance and makes you like quite lady like. To perfect this look, you need to lay an immense amount of emphasis on the volume of the hair. The best way to do this is by tightly pulling your headband towards the back of your head and then adding the desired volume to the crown section. Teasing the hair and spraying some holding hair spray will help add substance to your look.

headband styling
Image: Weheartit

3. Turban headband:

This headband is soon becoming the talk of the town with girls and women opting for this to give a trendier feel to their overall appearance. The broad look of this headband is perfect to conceal your hair if it has not been washed for a few days. The grimy look can be kept at bay and securing the remaining hair into a messy bun will help take it to the next level.

You can transform this turban headband into a boho hippy look by simply wearing it in the same boho chic way described earlier. It goes perfectly well with a funky look and works well with both dresses and shirts.

4. Simple straight hair:

Once in a while it is good to revisit your girl next door look by wearing a headband on sleek straight hair. To avoid your face from looking too huge, you can use scissors for salon owners and cut a few sleek bangs and let them fall softly on your forehead. This will help soften the look and add more glow.

5. The Headband Tuck:

This can be considered as one of the most popular hairstyles among girls and women who want a more polished look during the day. All it needs is for you to gather and tuck your hair into the headband at the back. It gives a sombre look and is actually an excellent way to get beautiful curls that require absolutely no heat. Therefore, you can achieve an exceptional night and day look by simply wearing the headband tuck look during the day and letting your hair fall loose in soft curls by night.

5 Beautiful Types Of Piercing You Don’t Know You Want Done Yet


Apart from tattoos, piercing is also another way people get to show the work of art on their body, they also call it beautifying the body with jewelry, honestly some piercing looks fabulous but some can just be intimidating, if you are a newbie to piercing, then you might want to try, with just one piece of jewellery, because too many jewellries can make piercing look packed up and uninteresting unless you like it bold and daring, then we say go for it.

Piercing is considered as not just fashionable but believed to add some glam to outfit, and that applies to every type of piercing.  The most recognized type of piercing is the ear piercing which you can style with just one piece of jewelry but we can assure you, piercing goes beyond that, they are piercing’s that looks fabulous, stylish, daring,  and lastly let’s just say artistically.

Obviously, when it comes to style, everyone has their preference, so piercing is no an exception, here are 5 types of piercing we know are in trend and think might interest you.

5 Types Of Piercing That Are In Trend

1. Conch Piercing

conch piercing
Source: Thrive Naija

This is one of the most popular trending piercing, it involves the piercing of the cartilage of the ear, which can be the inner part of the ear or the outer part, can be a really painful process, but fashionable after it heals. It takes 6 months for conch piercing to heal and after that, you can style with different kind of jewelry you like. It is advisable for you to get an ear piercing expert or a tattoo artist to help you with the piercing so it can heal fast and not become a wound.

2. Ear Lobe Piercing

earlobe piercing
Image: Piercee

This can be painful too but at a more comfortable level, very popular and done by practically everyone in the world, mostly at birth, as the body is still very soft and easy to pierce through at this level, but these days even ear lobe piercing has become more fashionable and you can pierce two or more parts of your ear lobe and design it with jewelry.

3. Belly Button Piercing

belly button piercing
Image: Pinterest.com

Belly button piercing was not really common or favored in the ancient days but now it has been added into fashion and looks really beautiful when exposed in a crop top, you can do this piercing and cover it up if you do not want people commenting on it. The belly button is also known as naval piercing and it’s not just becoming trendy but also now favored a lot by teenagers.

4. Lip Piercing

lip piercing
Image: Etsy.com

If you like it different and with a little spunk added to it, you will probably like lip piercing, very chic and the way it’s prodding out of your lip makes it really catchy and fascinating. Lip piercing can be painful as well pending its a healing process, not really easy to pierce if you have a thick lip so you might need an expert on it.  Lip piercing can be really fascinating and interesting if you use the right stud for it.

5. Nose Piercing

nose piercing

The nose piercing is just as popular and trendy as the ear lobe piercing, the nose is referred to as the most interesting place to place your jewelry. Tiny piece of jewelry on the nose does not look bad at all and nose piercing was first embraced among the northern part of Africa, and later went on to be accepted by practically everyone who loves fashion and art., You can only use a piece of jewelry for the nose though as you do not want it stuffing your nose.

Osis Blow & Go Smooth Express Blow Dry Spray


Osis Blow & Go Smooth Express Blow Dry Spray is a luxurious blow drying spray which reduces blow drying time and combats frizz.

The essential styling aid for sleek and super smooth styles, this blow-dry spray has a non-sticky formula which dramatically reduces drying time whilst smoothing the hair and controlling frizz and fly away hair or when you get a perm.

Blow & Go Smooth is very similar to Blow & Go Thick, which I very recently reviewed, minus the volume. What you get instead is smooth, shiny and sleek hair – just as if you used a flat iron! As for Blow & Go Thick, this spray does reduce blow drying time from maybe five minute – it usually barely takes 10 minute to dry my hair.
I was actually very impressed with the results after using this spray, even though I am not dealing with frizzy hair.
If you are, I would definitely recommend Blow & Go Sleek to transform frizzy, unruly hair into sleek, elegant style!

5 Olive Oil Uses And Beauty Benefits You May Not Know

olive oil beauty uses

Everyone has been harping about olive oil but do you really know its uses?

Do you know olive doesn’t have to be used externally alone? There have been many oil’s scattered all around the world with awesome benefits but olive oil still remains the easiest to find.

Olive oil just doesn’t have nutritional benefits alone, but could also work its wonders in relieving the human body of many skin irritations. Olive oil has many benefits if applied and used efficiently. Most women consider olive oil as the best skin remedy but olive oil does beyond that. This oil is considered top of the best oil’s because of its many uses.

Want to broaden your knowledge on olive oil? Read some of its vital usefulness below.

Uses Of Olive Oil

Check out 5 of those uses of olive oil and also why you should have olive oil stock in your home.

1. For Cooking

Olive oil is loaded with powerful antioxidant that the body surely needs to function more effectively. This is a natural that has very minimal fats in it. Tired of using groundnut oil? You should give olive oil a chance instead, groundnut oil can be unhealthy and consists of too many fats which are unhealthy to the body.

Cooking with olive oil is full of vitamin E which protects the skin again free radicals and also protects against oxidation damage

2. Enhance Rapid Hair Growth

Are you losing your hair at a rapid rate or waiting for your hair to grow long? You should use olive oil, Olive oil has some essential ingredients that enhance rapid hair growth and also help stimulate your hair texture.

The use of olive oil on hair will not only grow it but give it a strong scalp, prevents against breakage and will nourish and detangle your hair as well

3. Use to firm Saggy Breast

Olive oil can help tighten those stretched muscles around the boobs, these oils definitely come in handy for ladies who have worried over the years about saggy breast, it will not just firm it but it also gives a smooth and keep it moisturised. You should read how to use; Olive Oil On Breast.

4. Repair Cracked Heel

Time to take note of your cracked heel, you want a smooth heel? olive oil offers the perfect solution to that, you might want to scrub your heels before applying or steam to enable the effectiveness on time.

In just a matter of time and constant application, olive oil will have those cracked heels soft again

5. Soothe Stretch Marks

If there is one thing every woman can’t wait to get rid of, its stretch mark. You might want to apply olive oil to the affected area every morning and nights if you want to and stretch mark might be no more soon, remember consistency is the key.

Olive oil is a trademark that is well recognized by women of all age, Its benefit and usefulness are important to every woman’s lifestyle.