5 Beautiful Types Of Piercing You Don’t Know You Want Done Yet

Apart from tattoos, piercing is also another way people get to show the work of art on their body, they also call it beautifying the body with jewelry, honestly some piercing looks fabulous but some can just be intimidating, if you are a newbie to piercing, then you might want to try, with just one piece of jewellery, because too many jewellries can make piercing look packed up and uninteresting unless you like it bold and daring, then we say go for it.

Piercing is considered as not just fashionable but believed to add some glam to outfit, and that applies to every type of piercing.  The most recognized type of piercing is the ear piercing which you can style with just one piece of jewelry but we can assure you, piercing goes beyond that, they are piercing’s that looks fabulous, stylish, daring,  and lastly let’s just say artistically.

Obviously, when it comes to style, everyone has their preference, so piercing is no an exception, here are 5 types of piercing we know are in trend and think might interest you.

5 Types Of Piercing That Are In Trend

1. Conch Piercing

conch piercing
Source: Thrive Naija

This is one of the most popular trending piercing, it involves the piercing of the cartilage of the ear, which can be the inner part of the ear or the outer part, can be a really painful process, but fashionable after it heals. It takes 6 months for conch piercing to heal and after that, you can style with different kind of jewelry you like. It is advisable for you to get an ear piercing expert or a tattoo artist to help you with the piercing so it can heal fast and not become a wound.

2. Ear Lobe Piercing

earlobe piercing
Image: Piercee

This can be painful too but at a more comfortable level, very popular and done by practically everyone in the world, mostly at birth, as the body is still very soft and easy to pierce through at this level, but these days even ear lobe piercing has become more fashionable and you can pierce two or more parts of your ear lobe and design it with jewelry.

3. Belly Button Piercing

belly button piercing
Image: Pinterest.com

Belly button piercing was not really common or favored in the ancient days but now it has been added into fashion and looks really beautiful when exposed in a crop top, you can do this piercing and cover it up if you do not want people commenting on it. The belly button is also known as naval piercing and it’s not just becoming trendy but also now favored a lot by teenagers.

4. Lip Piercing

lip piercing
Image: Etsy.com

If you like it different and with a little spunk added to it, you will probably like lip piercing, very chic and the way it’s prodding out of your lip makes it really catchy and fascinating. Lip piercing can be painful as well pending its a healing process, not really easy to pierce if you have a thick lip so you might need an expert on it.  Lip piercing can be really fascinating and interesting if you use the right stud for it.

5. Nose Piercing

nose piercing

The nose piercing is just as popular and trendy as the ear lobe piercing, the nose is referred to as the most interesting place to place your jewelry. Tiny piece of jewelry on the nose does not look bad at all and nose piercing was first embraced among the northern part of Africa, and later went on to be accepted by practically everyone who loves fashion and art., You can only use a piece of jewelry for the nose though as you do not want it stuffing your nose.

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